Vesterålen most definitely has the resources and ingredients suitable for inclusion in a local, seasonally varied menu. Several of the dining establishments in the area have recognized the potential in using local food items from the fields and forests, the mountainsides, the moors, rivers and the open ocean.

All around the islands of Vesterålen, the waves continually pound the coastline both day and night. In the summer, the midnight sun shines 24/7 and in the winter months, the fantastic northern lights can be witnessed dancing across the skies.

It is a short way from the 'ocean's pantry' to the exquisite menus, filled with many varied fish and game dishes, served in Vesterålen's restaurants. Delicate, local produce from land and sea. Many of the restaurants in Vesterålen are members of the North Norwegian Arctic Menu. Link? This is a quality commendation organisation. One restaurant has also received a commendation from the Norwegian Food-print, the hallmark of home-made food, using Norwegian produce with a local identity.

Vesterålen's resources provide the basis of a local, seasonal menu.

Welcome to a culinary treat you will never forget