Vesterålen is the realm of hundreds of large and smaller islands which form a fantastic natural skerry landscape. The terrain varies from craggy alpine mountains to gentle, green hillsides, deep valleys, chalk-white sandy beaches and narrow fjords. In no other place in the world does the Gulf Stream come as close in towards the shoreline as it does in Vesterålen. Because of the warm and nutrient-rich ocean currents, Vesterålen is host ­during the summer to teeming bird life and practically unparalleled flora.

Our local nature- and culture guides are ready to take you on a discovery adventure that will permit you to have a close encounter with sea birds or with the lord of the forest – the moose – or perhaps a wandering herd of reindeer. Perhaps other adventures appeal to you – how about a seal and bird safari to the Bleiksøya Bird Preserve and Anda Fyr, a photo safari, a sea eagle safari, a skerry excursion, pine tree safari or a boat trip into the famous Trollfjord? During late autumn and early winter a whale safari is arranged. 

Opportunities are as abundant as nature itself and will leave you with long-lasting memories, whether you venture out to sea or keep your feet firmly planted on terra firma.