Sea Kayaking in Vesterålen

Vesterålen is a paddler’s paradise for both experts and the less experienced. You can experience beautiful fjords, idyllic skerry landscape and fascinating sea landscapes....  Read more

Whale Safari

Vesterålen is located on the edge of the continental shelf, where the nutrient-rich ocean is a primary feeding ground for whales. This geographical privilege makes the area...  Read more

Culture and sights all over Vesterålen

Vesterålen has many wonderful attractions and a sensational landscape with unforgettable scenery and views. There are many fascinating mountain ranges, deep fjords, beaches...  Read more

Midnight Sun

The sun will shine 24 hours a day in summer-time in Vesterålen. Do we have the northern lights in summer? Yes we do, but at long as the sun shines - we just won't be able to...  Read more

Nature treks

There are marked hiking trails throughout the entire Vesterålen area, and they may be used during both summer and winter. The routes are easily accessible and are found...  Read more

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