Lighthouse in Vesterålen

We have two lighthouses in Vesterålen that you can visit.  Read more


The road network on the west side of Andøya received National Tourist Route status on 30th June 2012. It stretches from the crossroads at Åknes to the quayside and ferry...  Read more

On an exploratory trip in Vesterålen

There is always something new around every corner and over the next bridge crossing to another island here in the Vesterålen archipelago. White beaches, perfectly sculptured...  Read more

The fishing village Nyksund

Visit this beautiful old fishing village at the outside of Vesterålen, in the municipality of Øksnes  Read more

Experience Trollfjord

3 km long and only 70 m wide at the mouth, few fjords can compete with Trollfjord! A channel that penetrates deep into the 1000 m high Trolltinden coming to an abrupt dead-end  Read more

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